Help . . . Match all properties script doesnt work anymore

Hí guys, sombody made this very useful match all properties script. I could put it under a button and one klick would just match everything possible without any additional dialog.

I got so used to that an now it doesnt work anymore, can somebody pls provide a new one.

I am running V5 SR9.

Thanks for the help, Oliver

Hi Oliver- what happens? Is there an error message?


Hi Pascal,
actually it doesnt do anything.

Command: MatchAllProperties …thats it.

When i drag and drop the script file onto the screen again it shows the following

Command: _-LoadScript
Unknown command: _-LoadScript

Thank you, Oliver

Hi Oliver-

it sounds like RhinoScript is not loading at all. Can you look in Options > Plug-ins for Rhino Script?


The rhinoscript was not loaded, now it is and it shows me this message . . .

THX Oliver

OK- - now, drag and drop the script again - that should set it up to work as expected.’


Pascal, it works again,
makes my day a lot easier . . .
thanks for your help,

Greeting from Hamburg, Oliver