Match modifies "curve to match"

In V6.14 and the WIP, _Match with Average curves disabled, the “curve to match” curves of ArcCurves, LinesCurves, PolyCurves, and PolylineCurves are all converted to NurbsCurves in various ways depending on the settings of Continuity, Preserve other end, and Join. ArcCurves and PolylineCurves are also deformed at certain settings of Preserver other end. In V5, these curves are not modified.


Hello - I’d need a specific example- the input curve is changed or not depending on the settings, so it’s hard to say what you’re pointing out.


The “curve to match” is the the other curve, what the “curve to change” is supposed to be matching. When “Average curves” is disabled, only the “curve to change” should change. It works this way in V5.

In MatchEffectsOnOtherCurve.3dm (42.9 KB) , all the curves have been modified in some way, but the PolyCurve and PolylineCurve have also changed shape.

Thanks, I see this. It seems to be the Preserve other end setting at Curvature.