"match curve" breaks history

Dear all,
i wanted to report this “bug” that never happened in rhino 5 before.
i use Rhino 6 for several monthes, and i use in my workflow a lot history and curves.
i’ll try to describe the problem :
when i want to use curve which has history to match an another curve which has not, it breaks its history even if i select “no” in the control panel…
please see two screenshots below…
it deeply impact my workflow and wonder if it can be fixed by any means…
(i really don’t have any clue, don’t know how to script at all)

second question : it is possible to disable the match curve history and preserve previous history like this?

thank you very much for your help!!


Hello - what are the settings in Match? Is ‘Average curves’ set? If you change an object that is a child in History, it will break history for that object, so it depends on what is being edited. Post the curves and I’ll take a look.


hello, the option is “no change on another curve” (i don’t know the exact term in english) i reply you the jpg i already sent if it may help

Hello - if you are matching the lower curve to the upper one, History will break. The lower curve is a child of the input to the Project operation.


hello, this way, (lower to upper) it’s logic, i want to match upper (no history) to lower curve (history) then it breaks even with “no” option for the other extremity… i can send you an example if it’s not clear.

as a matter of fact, the history breaks that way to any kind of curve with any kind of history (duplicated etc…)

Hello - can you please run SystemInfo and post the result? Note the ‘other end’ setting is not relevant to History - the setting that would matter is ‘Average (Moyens)’ or Join or Merge because the match would then affect both curves. If these are not set then I would not expect History to break (if the upper curve indeed has no history…)


dear pascal
these options you mentioned already broke history in rhino 5, i took care not to activate those… i just want to change the curve that is free of history…
i’m not sure what “systeminfo” is but this is what i get, i can deliver you "commande history if you want…
in any case thank you for your help
system info.txt (2.0 KB)

Hello - type “_SystemInfo” and copy/paste the results. It would really be best to have the part of the file you are asking about.


i m really sorry but it gives just the exact text i sent you, o surely make a wrong thing.

example.3dm (16.4 MB)
in replacement i post an example, if it’s good for you

Hi ARN - I guess I know what this is - there was a bug, fixed recently, where the target curve was incorrectly changed in Match. I’ll find the bug report and post a link.


This was fixed and should be in the next release.


dear pascal,

thank you very much, so this bug bug will be fixed on SR15? as i already run on rh6sr14…


Hi - No, this fix is in version SR16.
SR15 is planned to be released next Tuesday / Wednesday. At that point, you will have access to download the first SR Candidate for SR16.