Match unexpected behavior

Edit: “Target” changed to “selected curve” in the first sentence to eliminate confusion.

I expected that Match would not alter the selected curve to be modified if the desired continuity already exists.

However it does, at least in this very simple example, if “average” is not selected. Match Surprise.3dm (29.5 KB)

Is this behavior a “glitch” or a “feature”?

I’m not seeing this here… In any case the target curve is not altered unless “average” is chosen. But what you are showing as match without average is what I see with average… (curvature continuous both curves)

Or maybe I’m missing something? --Mitch

By “target” I meant the curve to be changed, not the curve to be matched.

The curvature of the blue curve matches the curvature of the green curve and is tangent to the green curve. The purple curve is the result of Match with average. The red curve is the result of Match without average.

Original post edited to eliminate confusion.

This is what I’m seeing here… Chose the Blue curve first (the one to change), then the Green one.


Match appears to be now working as expected for me. Don’t know what the cause of the previous unexpected behavior was.