Mapping widget not turning on

When I attempt to turn on the texture mapping widget I get this in the command line. Unknown command: _MappingOn. Using the latest Rhino. I zoomed out and still do not see it.

Also, it would be stellar if I could fit a map to a surface by typing 1. Some other programs have this feature as 1 adjusts itself to the object.

The command is MappingWidget and MappingWidgetOff or you can use the icons in Object Properties.

The mapping options based on primitives have a ‘bounding box’ choice in the command line when assigning that style of texture mapping. This might be what you’re looking for. The default mapping is always by surface which is looking at the control point structure, a trimmed surface may need to be shrunk with ShrinkTrimmedSrf to give you what you expect.

Here’s a video on the basics of UV editing in Rhino 5…