Default mapping for a texture

If I drag and drop a texture (image) file from Windows file system onto an object in Rhino - say a cube - there is a default mapping that is applied. However, there appears to be no way to see what this mapping is, as MappingWidget says “None of the selected objects has a mapping on the specified channel” and the “Show mapping” button in Properties>Texture Mapping is grayed out… I’m just curious to see what the applied mapping is in this case…



The default mapping is “packed surface parameter mapping”. This is the mapping style that has always been the default in Rhino before there were ever mapping controls (introduced in V4). It’s basically defined by the parameterization of the NURBS.

Of course - if you’re drawing a box, you’re actually getting an extrusion, which has a different way of parameterizing the texture space.

This is basically a long way of saying that if you use the “ApplySurfaceMapping” button on the texture mapping dialog, you get the same mapping as the default.

  • Andy