Texture mapping / not sticking to model


I have an issue with my texture mapping.

The object has been mapped with simple box mapping, looks fine in the view port and renders fine. When the object rotates the mapping does not stick and is seen in the render stretched to the extreme. Im completely baffled, there must be a simple answer. Ive deleted the mapping, remapped and the problem still occurs. i have to be able to move the object, rotate and render.

Please Help!




Ive tried remapping with UV & UWW Types that ‘Stick fine’ the box mapping doesn’t seem to respect rotation.

Hi Will,

i see the same here using V5. You might get away by baking the eg. box mapping into an UV map using the _Bake command. After this you can rotate & move the object without changing the mapping as it is automatically turned into UV space.

Does that help ?



Yes possibly this will be very useful. i can always redo the model at a later stage regards the mapping. Thanks for the tip, i think this will be a bit of a life safer!

Many thanks.


Hi Will, Clement - yeah, I see this as well - thanks.


No Probs Pascal,

The problem really did my head in today! I hope you can fix it soon. I also noted this is evident in rhino 6 WIP.



Hi and thanks for the reply. I’m not working in 6 as my workflow and everything is setup for 5.0 currently.

Are you able to let me know if its fixed in 5.0?

If you just click on that link you will see that this has been fixed in 6.0. There won’t be any more fixes for RH5 (as long as something drastic doesn’t happen…).

Thanks for letting me know.