Grasshopper patterns/mapping/flow along surface?

I would like to understand how can I make a pattern of a figure on a surface.
For example, in the following photo I can assume that I need to:

  1. Make a surface of a vase.
  2. Use Lunchbox to create hexagons
  3. I will get hexagon segments and centers.
    With this information I can create a few more commands to create on each hexagon a pyramid and get something similar to the vase in the photo.
    Credit: Curved honeycomb vase by eggnot - Thingiverse

BUT, if I would like to make one hexagon with some sort of flower or another figure, can I “paste” it around or along a surface, so it will blend, stretch, scale along the surface?
Something like this:

The next level would be to understand how to make a pattern that is not hexagonal and needs to be exactly match when wrapped surface.
Something like this:

I’m new to Rhino and Grasshopper, I tried to search google for texture, pattern, mapping etc. but didn’t find anything similar. Am I missing something?

Can anyone point me to resources that would be helpful to understand this?
Thank you