Match UV scale of 2 objects


I was wondering how you can make the uv scale of two objects to match?
I have tons of objects and don’t want to re scale each object in the UV editor.


Hi Philippe - I’m not sure if it’s what you’re after but `Reparameterize’ may help.


Hi Pascal, I don’t think this what I am after… let me explain again, I have many objects, if I add a tiled texture to them (UV), the scaling of the tiling is different between them, so I was wondering if you can apply the UV scale of one object to all objects? With Box for instance this is can be done easily using “match mapping”.

Hi @Philippe1! Maybe the MatchMapping command is what you’re looking for.

Hi Vanessa, Match mapping doesn’t match the scale for UV’s, it does for box.

What make engineare you using?

With V-ray you can use the triplanar mapping… :wink:

Hi Pitti, I’m exporting to c4d and then using octane, displacement is for the moment only working with UV mapping. So I am stuck to using that.

ok, so you must unwrap your model in c4d.
Put attention to the texture, you have a square texture i suppose.

Then I will change the repetition of the texture for every object to have the same size for all the objects…

no need for unwrapping, i am importing the rhino model straight into c4d with rhino UV’s. But I think it doesn’t matter what engine is rendering it, it starts within rhino itself, scale is determined there.

So you want your default uv mappung of rhino surfaces to be al the same size… fof different objects?

mmmm, i don’t know…

I give up, I guess you should have surfaces with the same degree and the same number of control points and the same parameterization of cp…

one workaround, a very primitive one, is to connect the objects, make union, and then disconnect.
as I said very primitive :slight_smile:

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