Manual dimension input

Hi All, you know when you double click on a dimension you can change what it states hy typing in anything. Can I click on the dimension only once ( along with some other operation) and do the same as above?
Example, sometimes it is difficult to double click on a dimension in a highly populated drawing of objects without somehow isolating things first. Thanks—Mark

Hi Mark,

you could try this macro and put in on a button or create an alias for it:

_Select _Pause _-Properties _Dimension _Pause _EnterEnd

Works best if one or more dimensions are preselected. After entering the new value into the commandline, press ENTER.


@Pascal, do you see this ? It seems that sometimes above macro works and sometimess not. I´ve tested this in Rhino 5, there the “Edit dimension” button in the Dimension toolbar does nothing.

If i try to script a dimension property in the WIP using:

_Select _Pause _-Properties _LinearDimension

i get this:



Thanks Clement, I will surely give that a try.—Mark

Alternatively, if you have the Properties panel permanently docked/open, single clicking on a dimension will bring it up there and you can edit the content in the top-most window. That has the advantage that it gives quick access to things like diameter, +/- and degree symbols. The disadvantage is that it adds a lot of mouse miles if you’ve got a large screen.

You can also use the selection filter to reduce the number of erroneous picks. Right-click on ‘Annotations’ and you’ll then only be able to select text and dimensions. Right-clicking it again sets the selection filters back to their previous state.

MattE, I like that even better. Thank you—Mark

Hi Clement - the V6 macro is ‘pending’ but when it’s all working it should allow changing to a different dimension style, as I understand the plan - that is, users will not get command line access to the full guts of the dimension style - it is getting very complex and would be a nightmare at the command line, but applying a different style will be possible.

The V5 macro does bring up the expected page in Properties here.


Just found when it fails, if you run my macro from above and accidentally click on the _Match option in the commandline, the macro fails in all next runs. It works again after restarting rhino (5).


Checking it, thanks.