WISH: Dimension Editing

WISH: For editing existing dimensions, please can we have: double click on the text for text edit (as existing); double click on arrow heads turns control points on?

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Hi MattE,

You can double click on a dimension currently in Rhino 5 and edit the displayed value. This also works with leaders. Do you have a sample file you can upload? I think I’m missing something about how you’re adding dimensions to the model.

There’s no change for the behaviour needed to edit the text - the current double-click setup works well. A possible refinement would be to have a small header added to the edit box to give access to text height, colour and justification.
My wish is that double-clicking the arrow of a dimension would turn on the dimensions’ control points.

I misunderstood your original post. The dimension style controls text height etc. and is accessed via object properties panel>dimension. Are you using these controls now and just wondering if there could be an icon to open style properties added to the text edit box that pops up?

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll bring it up with some long time drafters to see what they think. Are you using F10 now?

I’m just trying to cut down the mouse miles. Running dual screens, the docked Properties tab is often a long way away. Being able to access the more commonly-used edits via the double-click window would help.

Yes, I’m using F10 for Points On. Double click instead of F10 would keep the eye at the cursor. As a general comment, double-click seems to be an under-used facility in Rhino.

Hi Matt,
We have added your request to the wish list.
It will be consider as a feature in future Rhino versions.
Thanks for letting us know that this would be helpful to you.
Kind regards,
Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support
Seattle, WA

I think we’re heading away from needing to turn points on for dimension editing.
Its more likely that either the points will come on when you select a dimension or maybe dragging will be dependent on where you pick on a dimension and what direction you drag, without using any points. We’ll have to see what feels best. Seems like that same idea could work for some other things too.
I doubt any of that will be in Rhino5 though.

Double clicking to do anything in Rhino is kind of a problem because it doesn’t work very well when your first click hits more than 1 object. Then the second click gets eaten by the ChooseOneObject dialog. Adding a delay before going to the dialog to wait to see if its going to be a double click makes it feel sluggish when you’re just making a single pick.

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I move dimensions around a lot but I like being able to move the text (numbers) independently of anything else. So the current method of using the control points works fine for me but being able to access the points more directly would be a improvement.

Good point, well made. I take it from what you’re saying that this is an area that’s already undergoing development.