Basic dimension editing in properties struggling with

Having created a dimension and called it 4mm tall, (the default size is always too puny to be read) I now, having altered the 4mm in the txt height box to 10mm, wish to alter the 4mm in its name to 10mm. How does one alter that ?

Also I wanted to use a dimension style I created and create another based on it, I expect some means of copying it and using it, I am faced instead with having to make copius notes and start a new one and go by my notes.

Is there a quick way ?

Also if I find my dimension using lets say the 5mm one are too small, if I select it in properties and later 5 to 6, they dont update on screen with a 5mm text height, or e.g. arow edns, alter them, but those using this dimension do not update with changes on screen.

Has V5 sorted this situation out ?

basic fundamental stuff here failing me.


Steve you would be best served by trying out the free demo of v5 and see for yourself what is new/improved/not improved. Also poke around in the help file more often, many of your answers are easily found in there.
Good luck!
Edit: sorry Steve just noticed your past thread re your pains w/v5 and xp 32bit etc.

I can’t try V5 demo as 25 saves and thats it, I will have to buy it to try it. 30 days trial would have been good as other progs do but as I have a job to do I need to be functional. I desperately need metal bending function which it hasnt bothered with. Gutted on that. Trying to work out how something would be with a twist and having to sweep the edges of the metal to get the effect. Turbocad demo went click click click and did what Rhino would take me hours to do. I need to know just which direction to go with what little money I have. Rhino is so intuitive. I love it but these fundamental things missing spoil it for me.

Turbocad today with the same file I am working on saw it rotate as if it was pulling 20 g ! and the eps import flashing on and off, in fact the progress bar and hosuignwas also flickering. so slow, intuitive controls just not there, ability to flit between top and side and front and persepective not there. Early days but sheeeesh !

Is there anyway to alter the dimension details I asked about ,in V4 or is that also a fundamental need still borne ?


i don’t know why your dims aren’t updating, they should update on the fly if you change the text height.
sorry no v4 on my machine anymore, can’t help with user interface on that version anymore.
pretty sure you can rename dim styles in v4.

You can make different dim style within the Document Properties in rhino V4, as below.
If you increase the global dimension scale it will increase the size of text, arrows etc