Manta Ray - SubD or NetworkSrf

Dear Rhino pros

I’m tryingto create an object inspired by a manta ray, with a large, globular body, and thinner, flexible ‘wings’. I’ve been trying my luck with networksrf but the surface keeps folding back in on itself. I’m guessing this has to do with the longitudinal wing that folds back in on itself.

I’m certain there’s a way to do this, perhaps with non-planar cross-sections in NetworkSrf (in black to the side) but I’d love some advice on what I’m doing wrong here.

Otherwise, is SubD the way to go for this? Please see demo file attached.

Nico_MantaRay.3dm (221.8 KB)

The surface folding back on itself can be eliminated with an additional cross section and maybe slightly less dramatic guides on the wings. After all, you’d use this geometry mainly to create rough topology.

I would probably use the curves as a reference and create a SubD with the Quad Remesh command. Manipulate the topology and then push / pull the SubD to get the desired shape.

Nico_MantaRay_mrtn.3dm (708.7 KB)

Thanks, I’ve made good progress using this method. The SubD funcionality is incredibly powerful, what a treat!