No Idea how to do this:)

I am not sure how to do this. I think i want to do it with a network surface but I’m not sure how to break up the form to make it work and conform to the rails. I plan to do some boolean cuts after making the form.

Are you using closed curves for the purple ones? Cant really tell much here. Can you share the file?

hoping not to share the file.

Yeah the purple ones are closed. The red I have tried splitting.

  1. which approach will be best - Networksurface?
  2. do the purple and red have to touch perfectly to work?

From the images, it looks like you are doing a symmetrical approach. Then Why not focus on one part and mirror it.
Now for the NetworkSurface command, you need open Curves & The Edge Curves must touch each other.

^ What he said. Trim one half out and networksrf the other. Mirror. Profit.

you can organize the structure of your curves this way … like in the photos networksurf with the history activated … you will arrive at the desired form

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This would be easier to do with SubD, especially the bottom and the back “tail” area

Here is using Mesh SubD. way easier and major advantage is, there is no need to perform boolean so u can always go back and reshape the form

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Fares, it seems that the flow does not allow this. there is a change in direction toward the bottom. i tried handling this like I might in Subd but have no surface continuity. I can do more research to figure out how to handle continuity, but want to be sure this is the best approach.

I agree, this would be infinitely easier to manage in Subd and I may give up and do that. Was hoping to learn how to do this in CAD properly. I want to be able to do proper clean booleans on geometry afterwards.

Hello - if you post the file there is at least a chance someone can show you how to do it with surfaces…


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Here is it is:)

surface-help.3dm (449.9 KB)

Hi Mike - I think I’d put it together something like this:

I think a set of surfaces arranged like so:


ah, this might make sense. Ill take a stab at it. Thank you for taking the time to lay it out!

yes it is more complex compared to what I thought. … this shape takes a lot of work and adjustment.
what he suggested Pascal seems to be the right way

You can add a curve; use Sweep 2 Rails, Surface from 2,3… and Record history to modify the new curve and the result surface

surface-help_.3dm (852.8 KB)