Manipulating multiple trees

Hello all. I’ve recently started using grasshopper to design geometric patterns for laser engraving, what I am trying to achieve is a curve output which can be converted to DXF for the laser cutter.

I’ve developed this algorithm which allows me to create a grid of hexagons, and then control 2 sets of vectors from the centre to the outer points to create geometric patterns, as can be scene in the file.

Currently I am only able to control all the hexagons as a group, the sliders control the vectors of all the points, however I would like to be able to control the two amplitude variables based on attractor points

I would like to be able to control these 2 variables for each individual hexagon to create something similar to what’s below

Thank you for reading

.Test (14.4 KB)

Hope it helps you out.

Test (23.1 KB)

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@Bill I put together a general solution that works with curve attractors and different polygons. (25.1 KB)


Thank you both for your solutions, I have one follow up question. Would it be possible to keep the spacing between the polygons regular despite their size? so you could prevent them from overlapping?

Everything is possible, you just need to factor it in your script, for example, make the spacing of your grid a factor of the size of that grid.

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