Help with attractor points and controlled extrusion height of a grid pattern

Hi all,

Attached is a script I have been working on for a while, I am attempting to create a hexagonal pattern within a curve, where an attractor point(s) affects the extrusion height of the pattern. The pattern can also be culled using controlled randomization, which I have working fine. I would also love to be able to invert the attractor points easily, so the hexagons closest to the point go from tallest to smallest and vice versa. I also need to control the incremental height difference between the extruded hexagons and the space between each hexagon, which I sort of have working, however I am sure there are much better and faster ways of achieving this. Any resources, tutorials, advice or modifications are very welcome. (21.4 KB)

This is what I get with my pattern after a boolean difference. Ideally, this is what I am trying to create. A script capable of generating a pattern similar to the one pictured below where incremental height of the extruded hexagons can be specified, the attractor effect can be inverted, and the pattern can be culled using controlled randomisation.

Thanks, Cal