Help, Grasshopper Hexagon Grid Changing Size

Hello everyone.
I am new to Grasshopper.

I would like to make a hexagon grid, which changes size in several spots, like this:

I do not want to leave out empty spaces, the plane should be filled with hexagon grids.
I have tried attractors, but it leaves empty spaces.

I appreciate your help. Please help.

Thank you. Have a nice day

Hi @bmwdixi1927,

Were you applying the attractor script to the hexagons, or the points that make up the hexagon?
I would get all the points that make up the hexagon in the grid, run them through the attractor script and then rebuild the hexagons with the new vertex location.

Something like the following: (14.5 KB)

Except with different values and probably a different interpolation graph.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help.

Have a nice day.