Malfunction gumball

In the latest release of Rhino 5 (14.02.2014) 64bit the gumball seems not to work correctly. For example, drawing a curve if any, active control points, and try to move one of the points in the direction of the Z axis, the point will move in the direction Y and not Z. (gumball settings have not been changed)

Make sure you please.

14.02.2014…? @brian My update says that 01.28.14 is the latest - which apparently is not correct…

Anyway, downloaded the real “latest version” from the website manually (the download was REALLY slow, btw, took like 10 minutes and I have a fast connection here) and installed; however if I turn on control points for a curve and use the Gumball Z arrow, they still move correctly in the Z direction…


I do not know, the official website there is a version of the 14.02.2014, I downloaded and installed that (I do not know if it’s the last one)

Strangely now the gumball works! I rebooted and everything is Rhino OK

@mikko have you seen this?

No, I haven’t, and I have no idea what could cause it. Gumball source files haven’t been touched since early October.


I’ve seen this as well but I figured out what it is, it’s the way the gumball is grabbed depending on your view’s orientation. Sometimes I’ve found Rhino becomes confused and it becomes impossible for Rhino to let you grab the z axis. I’ve seen it a bunch of times, I find I have to rotate the view or zoom in or pan to get the right view orientation to allow the grabbing of the z axis, there’s some garbage happening in translating display coordinates to letting the user grab the z axis. I think a tune up is needed there.