Gumball glitch?

After moving a point with the gumball then undoing the move the gumball stays in the previous location. Not a major problem, I can just hit escape re click the point and the gumball is back where it should be. I feel like this is not a normal behavior for the gumball which I love so much. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hi Tommy - Does it happen every time? It seems to work OK here- gumball goes back to match the current point location - are you running SR 12? (Help > About Rhinoceros)

Hello Pascal-

I am running SR12 64 bit. It does seem to happen every time I undo a move with the gumball. But it is only acting this way with points. No problems with surfaces or curves. I can also move the gumball from is phantom location but it wont actually edit or move anything.

Hi Tommy - OK, thanks - is this the case in any display mode, including wireframe?


It seems to be happening in all the display modes. As well as in different files I am working on.