Making PDF of render sends print/viewport black

HI, I’m a very basic user and use Rhino for simple drawings of furniture, and I am not particularly technical.

When I’m in the perspective viewport and I use the rendered view, it looks fine.

When I try to print to PDF, the PDF comes out black, and the viewports (all views) go black. So I have to shut down and re-start Rhino in order to get the normal viewport view.

I’m using Rhino Version 6 (6.1.18037.13441, 6/02/2018), working on windows 10 pro laptop.

It used to print renders OK but I haven’t actually tried for a couple of years.

If anybody can help I’d appreciate it.

Cheers and hope you’re all safe & well!

Greg O

Welcome @greg.openshaw

Suggest updating Rhino 6 here

Or download the latest build from

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