Problems Saving Rasterized PDF of Rhino


I am having a lot of issues with my Rhino 6 documents. When I want to change the view (artistic, arctic, etc…) it always lags and blacks out. Especially when I want to convert my file into a pdf with a raster output (with the mode of arctic on or any other than shaded/wire-frame) it blacks out or glitches, and I cant figure out why this issue is.

Below are my dwg and my saved pdf with glitch:
Collage 3D experimentation.3dm (433.1 KB) collage exp.pdf (168.8 KB)

Ok, I may not be able to help with the issue, but I know people will ask you to run the command SystemInfo and paste the answer here, so they can have a better look on what could be causing the problem.

Sounds like old display drivers to me.
See if the Notifications Panel advises you to update display drivers.

Any luck?