Making Openings in Kangaroo Expanding Mesh

Hey all,

I have a few questions about a definition I am working on. Hopefully someone knows a bit more about Kangaroo than I do and can help out here.

  1. If you open the definition included below im trying to manipulate the intrinsic geometry of a 3D object by selectively expanding (or contracting) parts of the mesh. You can click the “point” node in the group on the far left then gumball move it through the cube (this cube will later be something more complex) and morph it. I would like an option where the proximity of a point near the mesh “breaks”: it - making a hole. So something like an approaching person forces the cube to open up a passageway inside. After the point/person moves further inside the cube, I would want the cube to close back up - i.e.: the vertices that separate and make an opening close back up like they were before making the cube solid again. In other words, the idea is somewhat like the way an amoeba would engulf its prey - opening up to surround something approaching it and then closing around it again. No idea how to do this or if its even possible. I know there’s a magnetic node in Kangaroo but I don’t know how to make the vertices “remember” how to sew themselves up again.

Two other side questions for those in the know:

  1. If you move the point around youll notice the cube mesh will entirely disappear if it is not interacting with the point’s radius of intervention. No idea why this is happening. The cube should just be a cube sitting there, not suddenly show up if the point’s circle is occupying one of the vertices of the cube.

  2. How do I keep the mesh rigid, but also allow it to deform when the point is close by? Right now, the part of the cube not undergoing manipulation look as if the cube is “inflated”, the walls of the cube are curved, and they should be flat.

Thank you all very much in advance!Amoeba (113.4 KB)


I’m not sure if this is of some help to you, anyway according to your description, this simple definition of voxel subtraction and subdivision without Kangaroo could give you some hints for your future work I hope. You’ll need ngon plugin to make it work.

VoxelSubtraction (13.1 KB)


Thanks, this is interesting, but I don’t think I can implement it with what I was originally describing above. I would be very interested to know how to proceed.