Making Objects flow Along a Curve & Voronoi 3D surface

I am new to grasshopper and have built a script from a tutorial I found on youtube. I am wanting to make the forms I create flow themselves along chosen XYZ curves as if they were the body of a snake and the final form is a whole part tunnel connected between the two end points. I have tried using perpendicular planes but am unsure how to connect this into the script.

I also am wondering how to take the surfaces created and apply a voronoi pattern to them keeping its form and having apertures. I want to apply this to the surface and not to the woven forms created in the second script.

I have attached the grasshopper scripts (the top one creates the surface while the bottom one creates a weave using the surface) and an image of the forms and sorts of curves I want to use.

Any help is appreciated!

Rhino Forum - Flow forms along (46.6 KB)

Rhino Forum - Voronoi (10.1 KB)