Flowing forms along a curve as a whole

Does anyone know if/how I could make a form I’ve created in grasshopper flow itself along a curve as a whole, as if it were a tunnel. I know its possible to make 3D objects flow along a surface but I was wondering whether or not it is possible to do so with a 3D form, forming itself along an XYZ curve.

I have included an example of the types of forms and curves I want to use, as well as the grasshopper script

Any help is appreciatted!

Rhino Forum - Flow forms along curve.gh (46.6 KB)


one of the most common misinterpretations of Grasshopper is that it simplifies shape modelling. This is not how you create any Nurbs shape. A lot of “modelling-related” gh questions in this forum are based on a lack of understanding of (free-form) surface modelling principles and are not directly related to grasshopper.
You might work through Rhino surface tutorials first, or better get some training from a local mentor. Surface modelling needs years of training. If you can model your idea in Rhino, you can think of automating it in Grasshopper, although success will be low due to missing functionality.

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