Obtaining a Surface along certain curves

Hello everyone,

I am new to grasshopper and rhino, so please bear with me if my problem seems too basic. I have wasted a few days trying to look up for the specific answer/tutorial, but I havent found it yet.

So, I found a form of a shell usng RhinoVAULT, which gave me a set of curves (purple figure in the attachment). What I want is to develop a surface along these curves only, covering all of them. The surface should form “hollow” patterns, e.g. hexagons, triangles, voronoi, etc. but they should specifically cover the curves. Is there a way to do that in rhino or grasshopper?

I used Weaverbird plugin to come up with an octagonal pattern (figure on the right). However, it does not cover the curves completely, I want a better way to do that.

Your help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks.

File.3dm (402.3 KB)