Flow Along "Multiple" Surfaces

Hi everyone ,
Does someone know how to Flow Along “Multiple” Surfaces ?
Meaning , I would like to flow the same object from the same Base surface to multiple Target surfaces without having to restart the whole command each time .

Hi Yves - you would need a script for that - is that what you’re asking for? Here is a very quick and dirty try at it.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def MultiFlow():
    objIds = rs.GetObjects("Select objects to flow", preselect=True)
    if not objIds:return
    baseId = rs.GetObject("Select base surface", filter=8)
    if not baseId: return
    cmd = "FlowAlongSrf SelId " +  str(baseId) + " "
    while True:
        if rs.LastCommandResult() !=0:break



Thank You Pascal ,
This is exactly what I was looking for .
You are saving me a lot of time .
You are the best

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oh I thought it wasn’t even possible due to how I understand the Flowalongsrf works. I will try it.
Thanks @pascal

Hi Pascal ,
I tried it and played with it a bit , but it seems that the target surface switches its UV directions as the object Flown is in another corner .
Except that , it’s awesome

I know this is a Rhino question but doing this with Grasshopper would be quite easy with the Sporph component if interested.

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I agree it would be simple , but I don’t want to launch grasshopper every time I use rhino .
I’m trying to save clicks and time , so I would like to create a tool that I can put in my PopUp

After reviewing the whole command , it is working fantastic .
Thank you @pascal .
You’re the best

Hi @pascal ,
Can you do the same with Flow along multiple curves ?