Making hexagon mesh from diagonal mesh

Hello! I tried to make this diagonal mesh depending on this tutorial:

1.3dm (296.7 KB)

Is there any other solution to make a hexagonal mesh?

Hi, I didn’t understand what you would like to achieve. A hex mesh, or a diagonal mesh?

i tried to add parallel diagonal lines. but it diagonalized only every second row, and i think that was the problem why hexagons were not possible to make.

i didn’t notice that at first glance. so i diagonalized every second row by hand - whats a bit time consuming

is that workflow recommended for hexagons: dubdiv catmullclark > subdiv diagonalize > add parallel diagonal lines and ballpacking > and then dual with boundary?

but anyways: i realized that the order i do subdividing and optimization changes the result very strong!

with this mistake i found out how to make hex-quad-meshes :smiley:

diagonal subdivision has a different effect then adding parallel diagonal lines?

Hi, if you add parallel diagonal lines you can configure the spacing, by default it is 1, change it to 0.
Another possibility to design hex meshes is to start from a triangle mesh, optionally subdivide with loop, then dual. The triangle mesh can be optimized for circle packing property to make the hexagons very regular.


how would it be possible to optimize this hex/quad mesh to get nice regular hexagons and quads?

because when i optimize it now, it gets a weird and crazy mesh.

Hi, the best possibility is to optimize the triangle mesh for circle packing before using the “dual” subdivision rule to make hexagons.