Planar Hexagonal Meshes

I am a new one in EvoluteTools realm, I was wondering if there is a way to create planar Hexagonal Meshes via EvoluteTools or creating a triangulation whose dual would be planar… Is there and tutorial or procedure for reaching this out?

Hi, currently there is no comfortable way available in EvoluteTools PRO to optimize hex meshes for planarity. It’s easily possible to create hex meshes (starting with a triangle mesh and using the Dual subdivision rule of etSubdivide), and it’s also possible to optimize the hexagons for planarity, but fairness optimisation is not going to work well. You might succeed if you use Laplacian fairing, or configure all fairness constraints manually using etMeshSetVerticesFairing, but this is going to be very tedious. You could try to automate the fairing constraints using EvoluteTools’ RhinoScript interface however.