How to connect points into irregular grids of hexagons and quadrilaterals

Hello, I am trying to make grids of triangles, hexagons, and quadrilaterals from randomized points. I am starting off my using populate2d to create a series of points, my goal is to be able to connect the points into hexagons and rectangles. I was able to successfully do this for a triangular grid using Delaunay Edges, however there doesnt seem to be a simple way to accomplish this for hexagons and quadrilaterals.

This is an example of what I am trying to make. (the different shapes dont have to be connected together I did these by hand as an example)


I have the same question, anyone has any thought?

The more simple to get hexagons and others pentagon, heptagons … is to use a Dual Mesh. But at the end it is Voronoi !!

To get quadrangles, you can use Quadrangulate but there will be some triangles.
At the end it is surely more easy to randomize a pre existing pattern using some noise.
Somthing like that (12.8 KB)

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How would I randomize a pre existing pattern?

Instead of feeding Curve from Hexagonal put the curve/polyline from your pattern.

Cool! ill try it out! Thanks Lauren.

Whats the component in the picture with all the arrows? the name got cut off.

It is Point Deform but except if I am wrong I put the script. You just have to dowload it !

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