Making COLORS.TXT "read only"

I use a lot of custom colors in my COLORS.TXT file which gets overwritten on each new update of Rhino (frequent updates for which I’m grateful, thank you Devs).

If I make my Colors.Txt file READ-ONLY will it create any known issues for me going forward?

That file gets replaced, not over-written from what I recall. You could write a short little script to replace that file after each update with your archived original.

I was hoping if I made the file Read_Only then it will not get overwritten.

You can always try it. Just make sure you keep a copy somewhere safe. That’s true for all of your customizations. I save all our customizations in a secure location, as well as off-site (in case of fire, theft, etc.).

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Hello- nope - it (read-only) does not work - here’s what I get after updating:
The read-only is that goofy one. I suppose it might still be helpful in that it would not be deleted and you could rename it back,.


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This issue is set as an open bug:

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Thank you for the smoke test.

Great to see that its not just my issue for a change :slight_smile: Thank you!