Colors.txt bug

This has been an issue for some time and I finally decided it is worth reporting. We use a custom color.txt file that organizes our standard colors for programmatic and design uses. This works extremely well, however whenever Rhino is updated the file is overwritten and we are forced to replace the file again. I am not sure if this is a bug or if it is expected behavior. This did not happen with v5 or v6.


Hi Joel - thanks, I’ll get this on the pile.
RH-73284 Installer: Don’t update colors.txt



Duplicate of

Referring to “Seems not to happen in V8”, my colors.txt was reset on the first start of Windows 8.0.23052.12305, 2023-02-21.

If you make the file read-only via Windows, does it still get overwritten?

I set colors.txt and printwidths.txt to read-only, and 8.0.23059.12305, 2023-02-28 changed their file names to colors.txt.dozadu and printwidths.txt.dozadu, respectively, then added the default colors.txt and printwidths.txt.

I prefer if the existing files were treated like default.rui a la V7, and only reset with a command similar to _ToolbarReset.