Difficulties with flow command + circular ramp

Hey, im fairly new to rhino and only know basic techniques and as such, im really struggling to get the flow/flow along srf command to properly work. I’ve attached the file to better communicate the problem but i really need the triangular shaped polygon to wrap to the shape of the second circle but all attempts at the flow command have led to drastically incorrect shapes which although do slightly work, none match the arc of the circle trying to be achieved.
Rhino file for forum.3dm (82.3 KB)

Furthermore, if anyone can solve my problem i need to add a circular ramp that wraps around the hopefully curved polygon shape. I figured i could use the flow command for this as well but i dont know the best way to navigate around the fact that the ramp need to start at the base of the project and finish near the top of the polygon.

Here’s a photo of my rough physical model for better explanation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It is much easier to use “Flow along curve”.

Dear Kieran
To align your boxes check

_Flow will change the dimension of the boxes
_arrayCrv _OrientOnCrv will only reposition the objects

for the ramp check the
command to do the edge curve.
_loft from helix to axis will give you the top surface
_split the part you need with Isocurve

hope that helps
best - Tom

Thanks so much for the replies however is flow along curve a specific command as it doesnt seem to appear on my command line and the orient on curve and array on curve seems to just position the polygon on an edge of the curve rather than wrap around it as onetech has managed. Really sorry for not getting it yet.

Oh sorry i now realise that the orient on crv suggestion was directed at orienting the attenuating boxes which is greatly helpful. Still having trouble with wrapping the triangular polygons on the circle though.

Hi @Kieran!

The actual command to flow an object along a curve is _Flow. Type only _Flow in the command line and this should flow the triangular polysurface from a Base line (you can activate the “Line” option in the command line and click two points on the base of the polysurface to set the “base line”) and then select the arc as a “Target curve”. I think this is what you’re looking for.

Thank you so much! Finally got it to work

Great :smiley: !