Making a link model as a live revit element

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Good day, is there a workflow that i can convert the link revit element into a live model element inside my revit project?


You can copy from a link but the delete element component only works in the current document.

Hi Japhy,

Thank for your inputs, can I copy the direct category and type of the element?

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I’m not sure what you mean by copy the direct category, it copies the elements, which have a category and type, so yes?

Yes, for example, I am going to copy the link structural framing element inside my revit project, do I need to define the new element category and type or does it directly copy the element straight away inside my revit project?


It copies the elements, its a scripted version of the Copy&Paste command basically.

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Cheers Japhy, it copied some couple of steel framings but in a wrong location, something that I need to fix?

I also got this error says -

  1. ‘E’ output is limited to 100 elements.
    Increase or remove ‘Limit’ input parameter to retreive more elements.

You can remove the Limit by zooming in and hittng the -

When bringing in Linked objects into Rhino if they have been moved we would typically transform them. The copy in paste is bringing them from the location in the original file, not aware of a way around that in this case.

Binding your Revit Link seems doable in the scenario.


Thanks Japhy, I will have a look onto it, cheers.