Making a custom toolbar

Seems strange but I am unable to figure out how to make a toolbar that has only the commands I want in it. The toolbar tools allow making my own buttons, or adding entire groups together. But all I want is a toolbar to which I can add the commands I most often use. Move, copy, circle, extrude curve to solid, whatever in my own style of work I use most often. This basic capability has proven elusive. Thank you for any insight. Rhino 5.14.522.8390.

Hi Don - you can make a new toolbar from Options > Toolbar page > Edit menu


Once that is in place you can add new buttons to it (right click on the title bar of the open toolbar) or Ctrl-drag existing buttons onto it.


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Take a look at the “Customizing the interface” section in the Help (F1) file.
It has all the details you’re looking for.

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Ctrl-drag. How did I miss that? Figures it would be easy. Thank you very much.

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