Tool bar, Can't Customise

Does anyone understand how to customise the new toolbar in Rhino 5 for Mac?
Because even though I add new tool palettes, they do not connect with each other, therefore I can not add it to the side bar. This new interface does not feel comfortable since each time I have to search for the command or write it down. I want to be able to add tools to the upper bar or on the side bar. Please help.

@dan. @marlin, I’ve been scratching my head a bit as well on this - my command editor shows several ‘modified palettes’ but I don’t yet see how to get at them back out in Rhino … I am probably thinking too Windowsy.


@marlin Can you please remind us how to add a custom tool to a custom tool bar? I’m still having trouble doing this even after successfully doing it before. Was it that the Custom theme had to be set before this would work?

You can only modify a copy set of commands, not the default. Could it have anything to do with that?


Have you got this figured out?

Click Commands / Customize …

Then create new palette. Etc…

What I would like is to create new Ribbon bar tabs and rearrange the existing ones. I prefer my Standard & Main as the right side tabs. …


You’d think I’d have figured it out by now…I’ve helped document it at least once. sigh Looks like I should take a page out of your documentation though. Thanks.