Make2D to generate layer with same name as original object was on?

having my objects on identifiable named layers, they are all ending up on Visible>Lines layer when undergoing Make2D.
Is it possible to have them on a new layer with same name, maybe prefixed as M2D to keep their accessibilty as they also lose their print weight, so again how can they retain their line weight ?

All the names and weights are being lost and everything is single weight .
having to Make2D bit by bit its adding further tasks to the already lengthy task.

If one were to select enmasse and make2D then all inteligence is lost when it comes to making different colours and line weights of the results.

WIP doesnt seem to have any further added options in this field either.


Setting ‘Maintain source layers’ should do it.


excellent :slight_smile:

I see this option is absent though in WIP.

small box with what appears to be the intention of writing a name, but thats not what this does, this replicates any layer name and having to type out the name of the layer, my names are not a few chars !!! retaining layer nesting etc is whats needed to keep the control hierarchy.

then what about the layer attributes, line weight etc.