Make2d layer issue....?

Is there anyway to have Rhino leave off the “make2d$visible$lines$” as part of the exported layer names…? I searched and didn’t find any info about this. Also it would be nice if the color was set to “index color” instead of “true color”.

Thank You

What most people don’t realize is that those “drop down” boxes for the layer names are “typeable” - you can put your own names into all of them… Those names also stick between sessions, you can punch the “restore defaults” button to get the originals back.

Edit: if you want to create sublayers use the Layer::SubLayer::SubSubLayer… notation.


Mitch…I figured that part out but I want to keep the layer names I’m using in Rhino. I’m exporting the 2d into Acad and need all the different layers. Not every line on the same layer. The added text to the exported layers is just a pain to deal with in acad.

Thank You for the advise…

Well, you could check the box “maintain source layers”… Then immediately after the Make2D export the selected objects… --Mitch

That is the way I do it…I just wished the extra characters could be left off of the layer names. Unless there is something simple I’m not doing…?


Hate to bring an old topic backup but I’m just wondering if maybe now there is an answer to this old question.