Make2D layers

In Rhino6 one cannot change the layers name for the Make2D objects.
That was really helpful when importing the Make2D in other CAD programs.
Hope you can reintroduce this feature from Rhino5 to Rhino6.
Thank you.

Hi Dan - I’m not sure what you mean - there’s this:

Is that not it? Looks like the bottom is clipped off in the Discourse in line display but if you click on the image you’ll see the whole thing.


Hello Pascal, In Rhino 5 you can choose the layer name for visible lines, tangent lines and hidden lines in an independent way. Here in Rhino 6 for example if I want that visible lines are on layer named “0” and hidden lines on layer named “5” for example I cannot do it. This i very useful when you need to better and faster quote in Autocad a Rhino projection.
In the new Rhino this feature was suppressed and I don’t understand why.
Thank you.

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