Can Make2D Maintain Layers without copying them?

Hello everybody,

Currently, make 2D, if “maintain source layers” is ticket, copies all layers into a new parent, “Make2D”.

Is there a way to keep each object into its original layer? This way, when I turn off a layer, it will turn off both in the Make2D and in the original drawing.

Thanks, Shynn

I don’t think this is possible as an option out of the box, but a script can solve it. Save the attached .py file ( someplace, and then in Rhino run:
-RunPythonScript "C:/PATH_TO_YOUR_FILE/"

You can even set up an alias for it (like FIX2D or something) so that you can quickly set the layers where you want them with one command after doing a make2d.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks very much for this. It’s a request I made some time ago when Make2D last had a major makeover, but most found my request a bit odd!

I still prefer the way it works now, to keep things organized - but I can understand why having the option would be desirable.

Hey, I have been trying the script but it always changes the objects to the “default” layer no matter what, any ideas?

Hello @andheum , I tried running the script and it didnt seem to work. Does this Python script work with Rhino 7? Many thanks!