Make2D-Still Highlighted?

Hello Forum, I use Make2d, a lot. Why is it that sometimes that the object you select for Make2d sometimes stays selected, and sometimes it doesnt ?? After running Make2d I only need the resulting geometry to be selected, not both ? Am I missing something here ?

Hi Miles -

Only the output should be selected. Which Rhino version are you on and can you provide a sample in which this behaves differently?

Hi Wim, Rhino7 latest service release. This is very strange, its intermittent, and if I copy and paste a few of my objects into a blank file, works as expected. Also, in my model with the issue, after running Make2d, in the command line it says- ‘No output geometry found. Nothing done’ , yet there is 2d geometry created :man_shrugging:. A new blank file it seems ok so no point attaching, I can share my working model with you privately if needed. System info attached too.
Mileze System Info.txt (3.6 KB)

Hey Miles -

Yes, I’ll need that file.