Make2D silhouette and outlines

WIP has ironed out the changing perspective view of multiple layered objects when running make 2D, and the silhouette function is great… but:


  • Are you able to add a function for the silhouette to stay outside of the line rather than just altering the line thickness? Changing the line thickness means that you lose detail around the edges of an object. I’m not sure how this could be achieved as a vector. First assessing the outline as the command does already but then taking a curve and offsetting it in the right direction and filling it with a hatch I guess?

  • The outline detail works well but it’s only half the story. It would be more accurate if the current outline function was the ‘main’ outline with, say a thickness of .5 and then there should be a sub outline of, say .35 which takes into consideration edges which are not fixed to anything but are in front of an object.

My old college tutor used the analogy of a spider walking along the surface of an object. If it can walk over the edge of something then that should have a thicker line and then the overall bounding outline should be slightly thicker still.

Not sure how difficult it would be to script that?

Thanks for the work so far though, it’s a vast improvement!


Google, but ignore the depth cued edges:

A quick workaround is to hatch the silhouette and then play with the layering/arrange (in Rhino):

A white hatch inside the silhouette with the outline silhouette curve sent to the back fixes the line thickness loss of detail…