Silhouette peculiarities

something i stumbled across some time ago but deemed to be less important at first but encountered recently again: when i have a surface which overlaps visually either self intersecting or overlayering and use the Silhouette command i get nothing more than just a plain dupBoarder instead of an outline.

the same is for simple boxes or other rectangular or multisided extrusions. meshoutline does what would be needed but its not usable for curves because it creates polylines.

can this be improved? i have no idea if this works on windows but i believe it might be helpful to have it working as an actual silhouette and not as a dupboarder. i know there are work arounds but sometimes it can get more complex to intervene manually.

CurveBoolean might help here perhaps… --Mitch

for the upper example even though its simple one would already have to click into it 6 times, its still manageable of course but if it gets more complex one would end up clicking forever for something which a working silhouette might do with one command.

the lower example with the cube does not work at all with silhouette, for straight edges meshoutline comes in handy, but as soon as you have partially rounded edges neither helps much.

so i guess its a bug or did i understand the command silhouette not well enough?

Try clicking just once somewhere completely outside the figure and see if that works for you…


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For upper try with python

not really because i still have to exclude the inner parts and the more complex it gets the longer each exclusion takes to calculate, on this file for example each exclusion takes almost a minute on my computer, i gave up after clicking away the third inner part, maybe its faster on others.

test.3dm (3.9 MB)

looks good, i appreciate all the workarounds, my main concern though was to point out that the command silhouette does not work as expected and that it would solve such issues without extra kung fu :slight_smile: