Make2d of visible mesh wireframe? (What you see in shaded mode)

Is it possible to make2d a mesh’s wireframe that is visible to the camera?
Like what you see in shaded mode: all the face edges, but NOT the ones behind what the camera could see.

All of the black lines you see in this picture is what I want.
I am open to grasshopper or C# approaches if that opens up any solutions.

ExampleMesh.3dm (677.8 KB)

Hi @jaymezd
Unweld the mesh (AngleTolerance=0) and then explode. This will give a LOT of polygons, so hopefully your PC is up for the job. Now use Make2D to get the wireframe.

EDIT: I just realized, that you don’t have to explode the mesh - just unweld it!

HTH, Jakob

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You can do what @Normand proposed above in Grasshopper, even the Make2D, and use removeDuplicateLines (from Kangaroo) to get rid of overlapping mesh edges.

Alternatively, most other CG apps (Blender, Maya, Keyshot) can render mesh edges, often called wireframe.

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Quick and dirty way is “MeshToNURB” and then “Make2D”. Takes some time but should work, especially since Make2D is much faster with Rhino 6.

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This works best.

The grasshopper method is on the left, the rhino method is on the right. Interesting differences.