How to get PDF of anything other than wireframe?

Is this possible?

I need vector output, but I don’t want to output occluded edges. So, I want the “shaded view” output, but I don’t really care about the shading…

Also, inredibly helpful would be to be able to turn of exporting iso curves.

Basically, my print right now has so many lines that it becomes solid black in many parts, and that’s not really useful at all.

Hi - for vector output of hidden line views, use the Make2D command.
Alternatively, a plug-in like VisualArq will allow you to print shaded views as vector.

Thanks, but we have a grille on top of the product, and that doesn’t appear at all:

Hi Robert - we will need a 3dm file with the geometry that doesn’t work with Make2D in order to be able to look into that issue.

That’s confidential client data, but I can export a little bit of it to you if you tell me where to send it.

Hi - you can use the upload page and make sure to put the url of this discussion in the comments field.

Done, thank you.

(I removed my previous screenshot as that might also be sensitive.)

Hei Robert - I’ve looked at the file that you uploaded. I take it that you are making a 2D output of the Top view and that the Make2D layer in the file that you uploaded shows the result that you are getting.

From that layer structure, it appears that you are not asking for tangent lines to be created:

Also checking Tangent edges, I am getting what I believe is the correct result on my system.


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