Make2D through Vectorize

Hi all,
I need quite often to extract a silhouette of some parts to be drafted in production drawings.

Rhino has got already Make2D or Silhouette but if the source surface is not watertight output curves need a lot of touch up.

Repairing input surface is out of question here: naked edges, missing or bad surfaces, twisted fillets… among hundreds of surfaces.

I found an alternative way to extract a silhouette processing a captured imaged with Vectorize by @dale

This is my current workflow, I found it to be often quicker and more accurate even if more tricky…

Starting from the Active view representing desired geometry:

1 - Set desired View (Top / Side / Iso / …)

2 - Design a reference surface at a known position and size

3 - Set display mode to Custom Display mode with flat colors and no edges

4 - ViewCaptureToFile

5 - Process saved view image file with Vectorize

6 - Size to reference surface, Orient to source View and Position at reference surface.

7 - Ungroup and Join curves

8 - The result is a clean collection of closed curves.

9 - Arrange curves on sheet, ready to be hatched or filled for 2d drafting

10 - In alternative to 9 I Copy-Paste from Rhino 8WIP to BricsCAD when output file is a DWG.

I am not good in scripting, but would like to perform steps 2-8 with a simple command/script.

Any help or suggestion is welcome,

Hi Luca,

to get a closed silhouette you could also try _CurveBoolean from your _Make2D curves:

Good luck



Hi @Michael_Meyer thanks for your suggestion!
In this particular case it works nice but when the model get worse you still need a lot of touch up.

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