Make2D line weights not changing

I am a very new Rhino user, and I am struggling to move past what seems like a simple issue. When I run the Make2D function on my selected object(s) it seems to work fine, except that I am not able to change the line weights. I select the layer, and apply the line weight changes, the value updates, but visually nothing changes on the 2D image. I first noticed this when I exported the file to Illustrator. I am not able to change the line weights there either. I’m thinking it must have to do with the original file, but I don’t have the troubleshooting skills in Rhino to figure it out.

Does this sound familiar or does anyone have a possible solution?

Hi @alexandercontino,

To see line weights, use the PrintDisplay command.

– Dale

Thanks. I was having trouble with that. I was choosing the PrintDisplay, but I was neglecting to change State=Off to State=On. That was the trick. Silly mistake that cost me a lot of time… albeit just one of many silly mistakes I’ve made so far.