Keeping print width in Make2D


I have a set of curves that are in different print widths. However, whenever I Make2D with those curves, the line weight of the output curve will always be set to “by layer” (1 pt). Is there any solution to keep the line weight of the original curve in Make2D?

Thanks in advance!

004_and_007_line weight.3dm (85.8 KB)

Add a Make2D layer to your Template and set the print width in that layer.

Then every new file you start using that Template will have the setting preset.
That’s the idea behind Templates. Preset all of the document settings you always want.

I have custom templates, that I preset a Dimension layer for all dims to go on, unfortunately it doesn’t work, just sayin :blush:

Another option is to tweak the button macro to add the current layer setting so it would not slowdown startup.