Make2d crashing Rhino6

Fast Make2d is really great when it works (almost never). This “upgrade” is one of the things i was most excited about in Rhino6, but it crashes 9 times out of ten if I need to make2d on more than a few objects.

is it just me?

The crashing? Yes. Post a file and your system information!

I can’t post the file, as it’s an NDA Project. Just trying to figure out if other people are experiencing issues.

it’s not a specs issue.

Windows 10, up-to-date.
i7 8700K
32GB DDR4 4000
240 GB NVMe
GTX 1080 8gb

Hi @asbeastos,

Did you get a crash report dialog when Make2D failed? If so, did you send in the crash report?

If you want to send the model privately to McNeel, here is the page to do that:


Hi Adam - One thing to try if the scene is complex is to do half the objects and see if that works, and if so, the other half and if there is a specific object that is evil in there you may be able to locate it. Same idea but by layers also may help.

You can also post the file to, that is our internal forum, not public.


same with me here, always crashes whenever I use it even tho im only using very simple geometry. while my pc specs are excellent. is there a solution for this ???

Hi @goozphraba,

Did you send in a crash report? If not, can you still repeat the problem?


okay I’ll repeat the problem and send in a crash report… the crash happens quite often.