Make 2d crash

Hi guys,

I’m trying to get a make2d of an entire model but it keeps crashing. I’ve identified the objects below that it’s having trouble with, if I try a make 2d of everything but these polysurfaces it works but if I try to make 2d just these then it crashes. Is there any way to get this to work or will I have to extract all the surfaces rebuild and rejoin?make 2d problem.3dm (15.9 MB)

Hi Dan - I’m not crashing yet but it is certainly taking a long time to make2d - you objects are very very complex compared to the shapes they describe… that is one thing, I’d shoot for simpler- and they have self-intersections

which can’t be good either though I don’t think that is reason to crash. I’m still poking at it.


Thanks Pascal, I’m not sure why the polysurfaces are so complex as they’re made from sweeps with rebuilt rail curves. I could try rebuilding further but I’m worried I’ll lose clarity at the corners

Hi Pascal,

Thank you for the help, I’m not sure why the shapes are so complex to be honest the polysurfaces are made from sweeps with rebuilt rail curves. I could try rebuilding further but I worry I’ll lose some of the clarity at the corners

Hi Dan - you will need to noodle the points at the corners of the rails to increase the radii there above 600, which is the depth of the section - you have to be larger than that to avoid the self-intersections.

image image

I do think you need to be a little more deliberate in making your curves - these curves have hundreds and thousands of control points respectively- and are visibly ‘unclean’…


it seems (not trying to bust chops here, don’t take this amiss ) that you’re perhaps taking what Rhino gives you rather than making it do what you want, if you see what I mean. None of that directly impacts the crash - it should not crash - my comments here are more general…


@pascal to be honest that’s totally fair I think I often limit myself to the commands that I know I can do well. I’ll have a look at that this afternoon and see how it does, thank you for the advice though