make2D changing default line types

For invisible lines, currently I get a white line.
I’d like to change that to black dotted line, and I can do it through setting of the file but looking to change it as default. Any way?
Other is adding types of line like center line as default in list of line types.


on Windows you can change this in the layer menu (right mousebutton on the layerbutton in the status bar). There will be an automatically generated new layer, called "unvisible"or someone like this.
Selecting all objects on this layer by right mousebutton click. Then change the line type in the object properties to doted lines.
If you store this layer settings as a default file, you only have to change the objects from the default layer to your special layer.


Thanks Christian,
I get what you mean.
But, currently I seem to need create a dotted line selection through the File->properties and need to add a dotted line as types of lines the I can change the layer lines to dotted.
Currently by default I only have solid line as selection for the lines in the layer menu.

I guess I’m having trouble adding different types of lines as selection on the layer panel.

As that is a document property, you will have to set k it up in an empty file once and then use that file as a template for all new projects.

Ah got it.